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Welcome to 12 Month Cash Loans

Life is a roller coaster ride, no matter how careful you remain with your finance and money, but there comes a time when you face cash crunch and turning towards other alternative for arranging fast cash remain the only option. If you are in need of urgent cash to meet an unexpected expense, then 12 month payday loan can come to your rescue. The cash loans offer a decent amount of cash to meet the unplanned expense without spoiling your integrity. 12 Month Cash Loans offer loan with no guarantor, apply for the no credit check loans online and safeguard your interest. The same day loan transfer would erase all your financial worries instantly.

Why Choose US?

  • We offer Loan amount as low as £50 to £2500 for new customers. The limit for returning customers is different.
  • Same day loan transfer
  • Lower interest rate

Don’t let bad credit loan keep in perplex, with a twelve month loan no guarantor, you can get liquid cash in your hand, when all other lenders say NO to you. Our flexible installment payment scheme allows the debtor to pay the loan without any financial stress.

What Make Us Different from the Rest of Fast Cash Loan Companies? Flexibility:

You can choose the amount of loan depending on your need, it can be as low as £50 or higher as £5000. You can decide your installment for repayment, so there is no trap to extract more money from the debtor.


Beware of payday loan providers who trap their customers by extracting large one off payment at the end of the month. Such fast cash service may improve your financial condition for a while, but it can add more strain by the end of the month. We offer smaller weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. Pay the installment at your ease.

Quick Cash Help for Urgent Needs

To give you timely and instant monetary support, we bring you wide range of financial help. Send your request to us and accomplish your need with absolute needs. So, don’t wait anymore. Look forward with quick and hassle free cash advance.

Connect with us online, and learn how our cash loan service could help you.

If you are in require of loans today, we have cash loans now for you! Within just 24 hours of request, you will be able to get the preferred loan with us. Get desirable funds in the easiest manner with 12monthcashloans.co.uk !